AGM Minutes and Ballot Results


Friends of the Hawkesbury art community & Regional gallery Inc Annual General Meeting

Rozzoli Room, Deerubbin Centre, 300 George Street, Windsor, NSW

6th August 2009


Meeting Opened 7.50pm Minutes taken by Sheila Sharp

Members Present:     Michael Ginnings, Margaret Ginnings, Alan Eagle, Sheila Sharp, Ellen Manning, Colleen Hudson, Jenny Allan, Yvonne West, Deidre Morrison,


Apologies: Brian Jones, Kevin Rozzoli, Graham Edds.


Minutes Previous AGM: read out by Margaret Ginnings

Accepted Moved Margaret Ginnings, 2nd Sheila Sharp                                  Carried


President’s Report:       Read by Michael Ginnings 

The key FOHacaRG Inc events over the past year were as follows:

Late August 08 we staged a weekend selling exhibition themed “Creatures of the Air, Land & Sea, “a well supported but from a sales point of view a disappointing result”;

End November saw a sell-out Christmas lunch at Kravings of Kurmond;

2nd December, the FOHacaRG Inc, Clint & Edgecombe Collections were finally—after months of activity to meet the Council requirements for cataloguing, significance, provenance, condition & value—accepted into Hawkesbury Regional Gallery on a four year loan;

Late January 2009 a New Year’s drinks party in the garden of ‘Sunnybrae’, the home of Christine & John Paine, in Windsor was well attended;

28th February coach trip to Canberra’s National Gallery for the blockbuster “Degas” exhibition was a sell-out, and hugely appreciated;

A Solar-Print workshop was held March 21 with surprisingly good results;

20th March-14th June, HRG staged “Collections”, an exhibition of some works drawn from each of the City, FOHacaRG, Clint & Edgecombe Collections.  The first major showing attracted great interest and will be, it is hoped, the first of many;

21st June: a showing of a number of Kevin Oxley paintings borrowed from several of his Hawkesbury patrons, together with a CD on his life “A Truth in the Mark”;

FOHacaRG’s 20th Anniversary weekend July 17-19 included two highly successful sell-out events, enjoyed by record attendances…. but they will be part of next year’s story!

The ‘Artist’s Trail” still attracts visitors, with steady sales of the brochure.  We continue to hold the name registration and have agreed with Council promotional language about the Trail which appears on ours and their websites.  However, one trail sign has disappeared through land re-development, and we are still involved with Council regarding cost of replacement and relocation.

Collection restoration is a key responsibility, and in June 2008 the professionally cleaned & conserved antique ‘Miss Grace Quilt’ was returned to our care.  The almost $3,000 cost was achieved by generous donations and a series of street stalls (the final goal reached by the 3rd quarter GST refund). The quilt is now on loan to Hawkesbury Regional Gallery.

I would like to thank Yvonne West & Brian Jones (who both indicated they wished to step down from Committee work) for their input & support during the past year.  Their invaluable contribution during the year contributed to the year’s positive outcome. 

I must record the thanks of the membership to the Officers & Committee without whom we couldn’t have achieved such a varied, interesting and enjoyable art year. 

Moved Michael Ginnings, Seconded Alan Eagle                                                                    Carried


Financial Report for 2008-09:  audited by Mr Bob Mannix of Redgate Business, Richmond, Read by Treasurer  Michael Ginnings

Moved   Michael Ginnings, Seconded Yvonne West                                                                          Carried


Change to Constitution

Needed to comply with Register of Cultural Organisations requirements


Point 2 to be redesignated as Point 3:

New Point 2:
2.  Public Fund (Donations Account)
(a) The Association will establish and maintain a separate public fund.

(b) All donated moneys and interest accruing on those moneys will be credited to the public fund, and receipts for donations will be issued in the name of FOHAC&RG Donations Account.
(c) The public fund is to be administered by  group of persons, the majority of whom are persons of responsibility, and have an underlying community responsibility, as distinct from obligations solely in regard to the cultural objectives of FOHAC&RG Inc.
(d) The Department responsible for the administration of the Register of Cultural Organisations will be notified of any proposed amendments or alterations to provisions for the public fund.
(e) If upon the winding up or dissolution of the public fund (distinct from the winding up of the Association) no money from the public fund can be distributed to members of the Association, but shall be given or transferred to some other fund having objects similar to this public fund eligible for tax deduction of donations under Subdivision 30-B, section 30-100 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and listed in the Register of Cultural Organisations maintained under the Act.

 Moved that the above change be made  Ellen Manning, Seconded Deidre Morrison

.                                                                                                                       Carried Unanimously

Ellen Manning  appointed as Returning Officer.   All positions declared vacant 8.30pm

Election of Committee:




Sheila Sharp

Michael Ginnings

Alan Eagle

Paul Rasmussen

Yvonne West

Margaret Ginnings

Alan Eagle

Sheila Sharp

Deidre Morrison

Colleen Hudson

Michael Ginnings

Yvonne West

Michael Ginnings

Alan Eagle

Deidre Morrison

Margaret Ginnings

Sheila Sharp

Alan Eagle

Deidre Morrison

Alan Eagle

Yvonne West

7 nominations for 7 Committee positions; as there wee no further nominations the above nominees were appointed unopposed

Election of Office Bearers:

President:                    Michael Ginnings   Nominated Jenny Allen, Seconded Alan Eagle

Vice President:                        No nominations

Treasurer:                    Michael Ginnings, Nominated Deidre Morrison, Seconded Alan Eagle

Secretary:                     Margaret Ginnings, Nominated Alan Eagle, Seconded Deidre Morrison

Public Officer:             Paul Rasmussen, Nominated Michael Ginnings, Seconded Alan  Eagle

(pending Paul’s agreement)

Ellen thanked outgoing committee especially for all behind the scenes work. Much “extra unseen” work connected with transferring the collections. Ellen stood down & handed over to Michael Ginnings.

Appointments to Positions:

Membership Secretary & Newsletter: Margaret Ginnings

Publicity Officer:                                 Deidre Morrison

Sub Committees:

No Sub-Committees were required to be appointed at this stage.

Auditor:     In spite of 10% fee increase  Bob Mannix of Redgate Business

Signatories Cheque Account: Michael Ginnings (President), Paul Rasmussen (on agreement), Sheila Sharp (Minute Taker), Alan Eagle (Committee member)

Donations Account:  a/c   Rex Stubbs & George Rhodes

Solicitor:                                              Kevin Rozzoli


Rule 20.1 allows up to 3 Patrons

Current Patron Clr Dr Rex Stubbs OAM

Proposal by Michael Ginnings to invite Brian Jones to be appointed a Co Patron. 2nd Ellen Manning

Carried unanimously

Meeting Closed 8.55pm





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Fax:                           (02)  4577 4879

Postal address:        PO Box 462, Windsor 2756

Location:                Windsor, NSW